Research to support Active Travel in communities

We’ve collated an extensive amount of research supporting Active Travel for walking and cycling in local communities.

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April 2015

Devon cycling and walking trails – Economic impact analysis for Devon County Council

In September 2015, Devon County Council (Devon CC) commissioned SQW to develop an
economic impact model and analysis based in three landmark cycling and walking trails in
the Devon strategic rural cycling network: Drake’s Trail, from Tavistock to Plymouth
(incorporating the Plym Valley Trail); Exe Estuary Trail, from Exeter to Exmouth and
Dawlish Warren; and Tarka Trail, from Barnstaple to Braunton and Meeth.

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April 2019

Segregated cycleways and e-bikes: the future of urban travel

Friends of the Earth report showing that 1/3 of urban journeys could be by bike with investment in segregated cycle ways and e-bike infrastructure.

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May 2016

Overcoming barriers and identifying opportunities for everyday walking for disabled people, Living Streets

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January 2017

Typical Costs of Cycling Interventions:

Interim analysis of Cycle City Ambition schemes- Transport for Life

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May 2016

Working together to promote active travel

a briefing for local authorities, Public Health England

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November 2011

How Infrastructure relates to cyclist injuries

A literature review considering the role of infrastructure in the cause and reduction of injuries to cyclists (2011) – DfT

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April 2017

Assessing cycling and walking investment

Investing in Walking and Cycling: Rapid Evidence Assessment

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27 March 2016

Framework for establishing a relationship between a cycling investment and specific local economic and social impacts

Framework for establishing a relationship between a cycling investment and specific local impacts

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11th February 2016

Integrated transport block funding: value for money assessment

Assessing the value for money of schemes funded by integrated transport block funding for local authorities

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26th January 2017

Local Sustainable Transport Fund: what works?

Overview of activities undertaken across all 96 Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) projects, across all 4 years

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23nr November 2015

Local Sustainable Transport Fund: interim meta-analysis

Interim meta-analysis of the 12 Local Sustainable Transport Fund large projects

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26th March 2015

Sustainable travel projects: revenue and capital investment

Explores how revenue and investment could affect travel behaviour towards cycling, public transport and other sustainable modes

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November 2019

Cycling UK Statistics

Cycling UK’s policy team’s updated statistics, reports and research about cycling. They use official sources, largely those collected by government, for most of the figures. The key to them, and a summary of each source, is available

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June 2018

Women – reducing the gender gap

This Sustrans report examines the travel behaviour, attitude and levels of cycling across several UK cities

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Research and Studies on Active Travel

Making a case for Active Travel

Review our reports and case studies which support the demand for Active Travel. Providing walking and cycling infrastructures in local communities.

To support expenditure on cycling and walking infrastructure